Axle spring offset plate 10159


   This offset plate set was specifically designed for our first gen ram 4x4 leaf spring customers (72-93) to be able to move the front axle forward 1” to gain tire clearance at the rear of the fender opening. (Can work great in the rear too).
   A great matching component for them is optional, our dana 60 adjustable top spring plates. They will eliminate the need for you to make a modification to your existing top plates.
   Any of these mods will eliminate the factory sway bar mounts. We don’t recommend using an anti sway bar on these leaf spring applications, they control sway very well without one, and we doubt you will notice the difference. 
   U-Bolts and Axle Studs available HERE

   (This axle forward modification really goes great with our front bumper kit with the wrap around wings for much more room at the front.)

   These offset plates will replace the shim on the bottom of the skyjacker (and others) leaf packs. (The degrees shims are there as a cheap leftover way from decades past to help driveline angles at the expense of good handling due to taking away needed positive caster.) in almost all cases, get rid of them!
   Offset plates sold in pairs

   Super easy to install. Clamp your leaf, remove the existing center pin and shim  (I like to remove the shortest leaf too if not the next one for softer ride. You can add our extended +1” shackle set or out +2” shackle kit to add some additional lift back that is lost from this) .
   Bolt the new plate back in place with the new long center pin bolt extending down from the top of the leaf spring, with the new axle dowel pin 1” towards the front.
   After snugging it, cut/grind the remaining threaded end off the new center bolt smooth, leaving only the extra short bolt head on the bottom of the offset plate.
   When you install your leaf pack, tighten your u-bolts well and then re-torque after some miles. The center pin of a leaf is not intended to do any work, just an assembly aid. So keep those u-bolts tight. We’ve been wheeling with people who blame the center pin when this all comes loose and shears that tiny bolt! 

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