Weld On Disc Brake Bracket 3.5” Flat


This is a giant step up from the weld on caliper bracket you have all seen that is available in 3/16" only, the difference is that this one is made out of 3/8" plate and cut for a 3.5" axle tube. The caliper is the 75-87 Chevy 3/4 ton front axle using the 8x6.5 12.5" rotor diameter, they are very easy to find and it is cheap to buy. For 6 lug applications you will have to source a rotor of similar diameter or slightly smaller, then trim the bracket down to center the pads on the rotor before welding to the axle tube. For 5x5.5 rotor application we recommend using the Ford 9" weld on brake brackets and the 11.75" diameter Bronco rotors listed under that application. This is the cleanest way to build an axle, cut off that old drum flange and weld on the bracket, no bolts to check on, lighter weight, easy mounting.
Sold in pairs.

SRW applications requires steel wheel 15" with a maximum 4" back spacing. DRW you will need at least a 17" wheel, different manufactures have different offsets so you will have to test fit to make sure there are no clearance issues

NAPA part numbers for '73-'87 3/4 ton front, 4x4, Chevy calipers and rotors:
Caliper ONLY: LH - N4674, RH - N4673 - Both of these are LATER year part numbers
LH - N4597, RH - N4596 - Both of these are EARLIER year part numbers

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