STOCKER S475 - Twin Turbos for 03-07 5.9 Cummins


Features & Benefits:


  • Direct bolt-on application, no cutting or fabrication needed.
  • New Wastegate actuator provided to make your stock wastegate adjustable.
  • High Flow 3-Piece Exhaust Manifold included in kit.
  • The largest air filter on the market.
  • Bolts right to factory exhaust on 2003-2007 trucks.
  • Low pressure charge pipe is silicone with Kevlar/Nomex liner (which is easier to fit than a steel tube). Silicone tubing uses fewer clamps and has better flow characteristics than steel. 
  • High pressure charge pipe is strong chrome plated aluminum.
  • Cast hot pipe, not welded thin steel.
  • Flexible Steel braided oil supply lines.
  • S475 Borg Warner (S400 with 75mm compressor wheel) as large turbocharger.
  • Support bracket for Lower (large) turbocharger.
  • Dual Oil Drain Lines
  • Adjustable boost pressure. 
  • Tons of other upgrade options: (upgrade options include increasing the S475 turbo up to an S480 Call for details.) 


  Lightning Fast Spool-Up. Diesel Power Source, Stocker Twin / Compound Turbo Kit, performs excellent when Racing, Towing, or Sled Pulling, but is so very driveable. SPOOL UP IS BETTER THAN STOCK, while raising airflow significantly.  You'll be amazed how well your little stock turbo runs in this twin kit. 

 EGT's are typically reduced by 250-400 degrees, over a stock turbocharger.  

 Horsepower, and torque are increased throughout the entire RPM band, and significantly increased in mid and upper range. 

 Specifically tuned for stock horsepower up to 650 horsepower applications. 


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