Reamer Tool for Pitman and Knuckles


Reamer Tool used to take tapered holes to 3/4" Straight holes for all FFS steering kits. Much easier to drill through the knuckles, but especially the hardened pitman over a standard style drill bit. 


   Using a reamer, rather than a standard drill bit, to drill out your knuckles or your Pitman arm, from a tapered hole to a straight hole is very easy with this bit. It keeps the bit from grabbing and jerking the drill as much. You still need a firm grip and keep the drill straight, but with your average 1/2 cordless drill or better this should be an easy job. 

   We recommend starting with the knuckles, and finishing with the pitman, because the knuckles are almost always a much softer material then a hardened pitman arm.
   We find it easier to start with the smaller end of the hole on your part to be drilled rather than fitting the bit in the existing taper, but either way can work. 
   Use the bit at a medium to low speed. High speed can work, but it’s easy to tear the bed up with too much heat.
   Keep the bit square and perpendicular to the surface you are drilling so it’s straight and true. 
   If you mess it up a little and it’s crooked, just do what it takes to straighten it because it is not absolutely necessary to have a super true fit to the bolt through the knuckle. Bolt tension will hold it in place.

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