Pontoon Hydrofin

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Hydrofoil wings for your pontoon boat! 

   Two Hydrofin brand hydrofoil wings that go under the central area of your boat and two smaller stabilizer foils at the rear. These get professionally installed near the bottom of your toons. The hydrofoil wings provide lift with speed to pull the boat up out of the water reducing drag, dramatically increasing speed capability and efficiency. 
   This is the opposite of adding a 3rd toon or other central floatation device, which might  increase buoyancy, but actually increases drag, which is what you are fighting, and why most tritoons come with a higher hp motor. Both expensive additions. 
   Can be tuned to your liking on install, for the passenger load and preferences of your boating style, to achieve the top speed and efficiency available under those conditions. 
   Will require a single day scheduled for installation. We are an installer here in central Ohio and install and possible trailer modifications will usually be $1500-1900. Arrangements can be made around the country for install. 
   Your boat can achieve a much greater top and intermediate speed and do so with greater efficiency (less fuel consumption) and as important as anything, less splash for your passengers for that trip across the lake to dinner!  
   30% increase in top speed is very achievable for your average pontoon with decent horsepower. (16-24’ with 50-150 hp) Boats with very little hp and a long or heavy hull are difficult to help. Otherwise, if it can achieve 15mph or more, there’s a great chance it’s a perfect candidate for a big boost in top speed. 
   For fishing pontoons this is an option you probably never even dreamed possible for your pontoon boat but will make you feel like you bought a bass boat and can skim across the water from one location to the next! 
   Can be installed with several variables to suit your preference of water depth or trailer modifications, but even at the most aggressive location is only a few inches lower than you maximum toon depth and that’s about 10” above your engine prop depth. Mid ship mounting allows beaching as normal. 

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