Optima Batteries RedTop Starting Battery OPT8002-002


Optima RedTop, the starting battery with performance power. Engineered for trucks, SUV's and performance vehicles. The spill-proof AGM design can be mounted in most positions, is more vibration resistant and recharges faster than a standard battery.

  • Optima RedTop can provide 2X longer life
  • Optima RedTop has the strongest 5-second starting power
  • Optima has high temperature and vibration tolerance for severe conditions
  • Optima is designed to be spill-proof and corrosion-resistant
Weight: 41.01 lbs
Notes: *** 800 Cold cranking Amps (1000 cranking Amps) ***. 100 reserve minutes. Warranty consists of 3 years free replacement. Red Top (Starting).
Application: Automobile
Battery Group Size Designation: 34
Battery Height: 200 mm - 7 7/8 in
Battery Length: 260 mm - 10 1/4 in
Battery Standard Group: Battery Council International (BCI)
Battery Voltage: 12
Battery Width: 173 mm - 6 13/16 in
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 800

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