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Want to organize the frame rail or utility areas of your custom build? 

This pack of 3 brackets will allow you to have a 3/16” brake line and as many other lines/wires as you need to run from front to rear of your vehicle, or anywhere else you need to plumb or wire with organization. Trunk/under chassis/ engine compartment ect. These can be surface mounted flat or on end with a single bolt through a variety of pre-existing or drilled holes. 

Our complicated vehicles require all kinds of wiring or plumbing. Fuel lines, trans lines, brake lines, electrical harnesses for each, and the list goes on. At least with a product like this, even if they are heavily loaded, they are traceable and can be layered appropriately so they can be serviced, removed or troubleshot easily. 

We recommend two sets of these (6 brackets total) for a typical long truck. But use them anywhere and be proud of your hard work. 

With a small mod of drilling out the center, we also have a product that can work well with this kit. Click Here

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