Dodge/GM Dana 60 HD u-bolt kit


Super heavy duty 5/8” diameter u-bolts for the kingpin Dana 60 in your Dodge or Chevy truck and heavy duty top spring / u bolt plates. 3/8 & 1/2” thick!

includes 3 u-bolts nuts and washers, 2 top plates, and 2 bolts for the cast case. 

some dana 60’s have 1/2” threads tapped in the case, most have 9/16. Some have a spread on that pattern of 1.75”, most have 2.5”. With this info and the bolt length gathered from the info below we can add the two bolts that best fit your project.

Bolt length notes;

   the threaded holes in your axle are approximately 1-1/4 deep. A typical leaf is about 3/8” thick. A typical skyjacker 5 leaf pack is 1-7/8” thick. The typical style top plate is 3/8” thick and the odd shaped one for over the center section is 1/2” thick. We ALWAYS suggest getting rid of the bottom shim that messes up your good driving positive caster. We usually recommend for most lifted trucks to run our offset spring plate to move the axle forward an inch, it’s 1/4” thick. We often suggest removing one or two leafs from the bottom of a 5 leaf pack to improve ride quality. These numbers along with a washer thickness can help determine the bolt length that would work best for you.

2.5” bolt = 3 leaf pack, any top plate, and washer.          3” bolt = 3 leaf pack, offset plate, any top plate + washer 3.5” bolt = 5 leaf pack, any top plate and washer. 
4” bolt = 5 leaf pack, any top plate, offset plate + washer 

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