DieselRx Fuel Sump


The DieselRx® Fuel Sump provides reliability and increased performance by promoting fuel efficiency. Overcoming the natural pitfalls of fuel delivery it provides a constant flow of fuel to an aftermarket lift pump.

It eliminates restrictions of the draw straw by working with gravity to pull fuel from the bottom of the tank. Ensuring the correct amount of fuel is being provided to the engine, every time!.

Plus, no more wasted fuel! The special design of the riveted plates allow all fuel in the tank to be collected by the DieselRx® Fuel Sump.

DieselRx® Fuel Sump is quality manufactured to endure the long haul- on the road and off!

  • Sump body and parts are crafted with Airplane Grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Installation time takes under 1 hour
  • Installs on any diesel with a 4.5” diameter flange on a flat surface
To maximize your results, use with an AirDog® II-4G! 

need a fuel pump block off plate? Click here

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