Compound Turbos / Twin Turbos for 94-07 Dodge 5.9 Cummins Build Your Kit


Features & Benefits:


  • Excellent Fit, like stock bolt-on application, no cutting or fabrication needed.
  • Wastegate Allows Boost Adjustment
  • High Flow 3-Piece Exhaust Manifold included in kit.
  • The largest air filter on the market.
  • Low pressure charge pipe is silicone with Kevlar/Nomex liner (which is easier to fit than a steel tube). Silicone tubing uses fewer clamps and has better flow characteristics than steel. 
  • High pressure metal charge pipe.
  • Cast hot pipe, not welded thin steel.
  • Flexible Steel braided oil supply lines.
  • S400 Atmospheric Borg Warner as large turbocharger (75mm, 80mm, 80mm Billet or 83mm Billet Wheel Sizes)
  • High pressure Turbo Available from Stock Turbo, 62mm, 64mm, 66mm or 66mm Billet
  • High pressure Ball Bearing Turbo Available for lightening fast spool up.
  • Support bracket for Lower (large) turbocharger.
  • Dual Oil Drain Lines
  • Adjustable boost pressure, through the waste gate. 


Power Recomendations:

  • Stock with S475 Compounds:        250-600 HP 
  • 62/65/12 with S475 Compounds:  300-625 HP
  • 62/71/12 with S475 Compounds:  300-650 HP
  • 62/71/12 with S480 Compounds:  300-750 HP
  • 64/71/12 with S480 Compounds:  400-800 HP
  • 66/71/12 with S480 Compounds:  400-850 HP
  • 66/74/14 with S480 Compounds:  500-1000 HP
  • 66/74/14 with S483 Compounds:  600-1200 HP


Lower EGT's by 250-400 degrees, over a single turbocharger.  

Increase horsepower by 22% to 28% depending on your turbo selection. 


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