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PLEASE READ:  After purchase please include what TURBO(s) and fuel mods you're running in the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" box on the CART PAGE 

AFC LIVE! (patent pending) is an In-cab fueling control for mechanical trucks with an infinite level of adjust-ability!



  • Fuel rate Adjustment
  • Max Fuel Adjustment
  • Complete EGT Control
  • Full Power Toggle Switch
  • AFC Foot, Already modified and ready for installation.

Here at FarFromStock we are proud to offer the best in-cab fueling control for mechanical trucks on the planet, AFC LIVE! (patent pending) There are other kits available that offer in-cab max fueling adjustments, but none have the infinite level of adjust-ability of our kit. Not only does AFC LIVE offer incredibly fine adjustments to max fueling, it also is the only kit with in-cab adjustment to the rate at which the fuel is applied. Before AFC LIVE, the only way to adjust the fueling rate on a P-Pump truck was to adjust the star wheel in the AFC. With our kit, you can adjust the fuel rate to advance slowly for better smoke control and fuel economy or let the rack travel fast for ultimate power. All of this live tuning is possible in-cab while driving with the twist of a knob!

Power Driven Diesel now offers a custom AFC Foot for our AFC Live. Previously, you (the customer) would have to grind your own AFC Foot for the correct installation/use of AFC Live. With this new product, we have cut the hassle and done the work for you. This custom AFC Foot is machined specifically for AFC Live application and is a true "drop in" component, this greatly reduces the amount of time and effort previously required to install an AFC Live correctly.

AFC LIVE performs max fueling adjustment, fuel rate, and instant full power mode. This feature allows maximum fueling at the flip of a switch! Go to full race mode to show your buddies who is boss and flip right back to your pre-determined settings. This Version of AFC LIVE also comes with an integrated gauge to see how much pressure is running through the AFC system. This is useful when tuning and for making quick changes.

AFC LIVE Fuel Control Knob

The Fuel Control Knob allows full adjustability of the amount of fuel available to you with your AFC Live. If you want more power, turn the knob up (clockwise), if you want lower EGT’s, turn the knob down (counter-clockwise). It’s as easy as it gets!

Fuel Rate Knob

The Fuel Rate knob allows the user to adjust the rate at which the fuel comes on, matching the fuel curve to their specific needs. Want more bottom end power? Turn it up. Want less smoke? Turn it down.

AFC LIVE Full Fuel Switch

The Full Fuel Switch allows you to release all of the fuel potential available in your truck with the flip of a switch. We have customers calling us constantly commenting that “It’s like nitrous!”. If you are towing a heavy load up a steep hill, need to pass quickly on the freeway, or just want more power on tap, the full fuel switch makes it as easy as possible.

Pressure Gauge

Because our AFC Live does not come with any pre-made settings, it is infinitely adjustable. However, each combination of turning the knobs has a unique correlating pressure inside of the AFC housing, this pressure will read on the gauge. What this means, is that for every “tune” you find/create using an AFC-Live, you will have a unique corresponding pressure shown on the gauge that, if noted down, can be found again. For example, a daily driving “tune” may read 25psi, a towing “tune” may read 18psi, & a racing “tune” may read 45psi on the gauge. Imagine that you have been driving with your daily driving “tune” (25psi) all week & this weekend you want to go camping. So, when the work week ends you hook up the 5th wheel and start driving, you then turn the knobs on the AFC Live box until the gauge reads 18psi and you have found your towing “tune” again.

Max Travel Kit

Choosing the right Max Travel Kit is essential to making sure your AFC Live performs to it’s maximum potential. The stock AFC springs are meant to compress corresponding with stock fueling/boost pressures, when you increase fuel/boost those stock springs compress much faster, making your power come on much faster. While this sounds great, it isn’t really what most people want out of their truck. With an AFC Live, the Fuel Rate knob allows you to control the speed at which you reach your maximum fuel setting. If you have too light of a spring, it will compress too fast and the Fuel Rate knob will not function. Choosing the right max travel kit will allow the Fuel Rate knob to work to it’s full potential, allowing maximum adjustment of how slow/fast your fuel comes on. Because every truck is different and has different upgrades, we have provided a broad selection of Max Travel kits to choose from for a variety of needs.

Choosing the right Max Travel Kit:

  • 21-30psi – For bone stock trucks with no additional fueling upgrades, just AFC Live
  • 30-35psi – For trucks with a stock turbo but with additional fueling upgrades
  • 35-45psi – For trucks with a larger aftermarket turbocharger and additional fueling upgrades
  • 45-60+psi – For trucks with multiple turbochargers and additional fueling upgrades producing high boost levels

PLEASE READ:  After purchase please include what TURBO(s) and fuel mods you're running in the NOTES. 

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