72-93 Dodge 4x4 Conversion Floor tunnel / hump


We have created a new large 4x4 conversion floor hump to replace the small 2WD floor hump if you’re wanting to keep your cab and are doing a four-wheel-drive conversion or manual transmission swap. Also works well just for rust repair work on an original large hump floor.

   Sure, all you have to do if you want one is cut one out of an original four-wheel-drive cab, but some of the problems with that are;

*they are often crusty,

*you need to disassemble the truck pretty far in order to reach as far forward as required,

*or flip the cab upside down and cut from the bottom,

*not to mention finding a donor cab available to begin with.

    If you are trying to avoid the junkyard or facebook marketplace scrounge, then this part is for you.

   It is constructed of 16ga heavy steel so it’s very sturdy. Although not stamped like original, it will work with molded carpet well, the original tunnel was meant to have thick insulation under the carpet, and although crude in shape, it is extremely close to the original.

   It includes pre-drilled holes so that you can start your project with sheet metal screws. You will be using seam sealer regardless, but this gives you the option to;

screw it in,

glue it in

or plug weld it in.

   (If you had a good foam sealant insert, there is no reason this entire section couldn’t be installed as bolt in and removable. It would all be about your ability to seal it up)

   The base part comes with pre cut laser lines and tabs, allowing the optional removal of a cutout for either just a transfer case shifter, or the complete center top portion of the floor where the t-case shifter and a manual trans shifter would extend.

   If you decided to remove the entire top section, you would want to order the top piece alone to cover it as a removable access door.

   Another available option is to just order it with the separate top plate pre cut out and threaded inserts installed. This would give you the whole 4x4 floor tunnel section and would allow you to cut any manual transmission hole needed and have a bolt in removable inspection/access plate, it also includes the pre cut lines for the transfer case shifter cutout option.

   All options are based on the same main floor part.

   We also include an option for black wrinkle powder coat but it must be noted that this will not be a 100% finished part since it is much like a weld in replacement sheet metal part that requires various means of installation. Also the pre cut laser lines will be hard to find or completely covered and we would still recommend seam sealer on various areas underneath even if hard to see. It would be a good starting point though if you were not welding it in.

   I’m sure going back to 72 there could be some slight differences in the floor pan but they are minor and workable. This was built on an early 80’s truck and the jig we use to produce it is identical and a 92.




16 ga raw steel large floor hump


16 ga raw steel large floor hump with the removable top plate as bolt in ready


Top plate (only!)


Wrinkle black powder (only!)

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