1g 5” exhaust kit, trans or t-case back to axle dump, 72-93 Dodge truck

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  This is a whole kit, kinda, at least from behind the trans to past your rear axle, but its based on the very best exhaust hangers a first gen has ever had! These hangers have all heavy duty laser cut parts made right here in Ohio and powder coated for an attractive and long lasting install.

   Kit with parts designed to solidly and neatly hang 5” aluminized or stainless exhaust on your 2wd or 4wd 72-93 dodge truck behind either the trans or transfer case, and extends just behind the rear axle. Thought was given to keeping u-bolt tails up so the finished look is nice and clean.

   Originally designed to fit with our 3rd gen rear axle, big air bag suspension, but also works great on stock style leaf spring rear suspension as well.

   Rear over-the-axle pipe stays as high as possible near your shock cross member. Double heavy duty hangers keep it at a consistent height and very stable, as opposed to typical rubber donut hangers that allow a lot of bounce and swing.

   Using the same style of hanger, the front half of exhaust is supported 4” below your rear cab cross member.

   Each hanger is slotted for left/right adjustment and can be shimmed for height adjustment if needed.

   There are a ton of down pipe and turbo combinations out there, not to mention the tight arrangement fitting past a passenger side drop transfer case on these trucks with the factory wing brace installed, so we aren’t concentrating on that end of the system. Although we can help there too.

   When we do, we are using our 47re upper trans cross member part, and regardless of driver side drop or passenger side drop transfer case, there is much more room to run exhaust. . Often we use a DPS compound turbo kit with our in-house designed down pipe that comes in their kit.

   There is no actual tail pipe after the axle-over included in the kit, due to so many wanting various styles and tips. Just a dump, pointing down after the rear axle. Perfect to just add a custom exhaust tip, or bring your tailpipe out anywhere you would like.

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