XJ Chassis Channel Reinforcement

We have now made these for more than 8 years and there are over 1,000 pairs in use! Perfect for a Crawler or Jeepspeed! This is our version of the Cherokee Unirail Reinforcement plates.

They are certainly as well made as any of the rest but have some very definite improvements to boot! Where the others stop the Cap at the floor creating a very long stress riser on the very weak floorboards, ours continue 1" onto the floor itself. Spreading out the load further and increasing the lifespan of the body.

Another of the unique way these are made is the front and rear risers follow the Unirail into the wheelwells. The rear doesn't need too much but the front goes up 9" into the front fender at the angle of the rail after it turns into the well.

When you install these it is the perfect time to create your own longarm kit and we have the brackets for it! If you are sticking with stock, either cutoff the leading 9" or remove and replace your link bracket after you install the rails. The last thing these do that others have chosen to ignore is make adding a skidplate easy. Weld the flat area around the crossmember and then use a jack to custom fit the bends. They are 3/16" thick and come as a pair.

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