2nd & 3rd & 4th Gen Dodge Ram DIY Radius Long Arm Links


Bolts, FFS Badges and Caster Eliminator Plates Sold Separately. Add from menu on right.

This is for a pair of Radius Long Arm links to replace your parallel control arms on a 2nd or 3rd or 4th gen ram, or when using a 2nd or 3rd gen front axle under your custom application. Welding required, universal type kit, could be used to transplant these axles under most any frame. These are able to be adjusted for any amount of lift you have or are wanting. All set for 9/16 Hardware  (Click link to purchase or add to cart) and 2 Pairs of our for caster eliminators for 94-99 or 00-13 (Click link to purchase or add to cart) to eliminate the slide type caster adjuster that's part of the lower caster adjustment on the axle. With this setup your arm length adjustment is handled by the 1.25” rod end at the frame and the caster adjustment is handled by the upper part of the radius arm and it's 7/8 rod end. 

   The lower tubes are 38 inches long 2" x .211" wall tubing and the uppers are 24 inches long 1.5" x .211" tubing extra long cut to fit for your application. The lower heim is a 1.25" Heat treated heim with your choice of misalignment size. Optional greaseable rebuildable flex joint. The Chassis Link Bracket hole size is 9/16". The upper is 7/8" Heat treated joint with 9/16" zinc misalignment.  
Qty(2) LOWER TUBES 38” Long 2”x.211” wall
Qty(2) UPPER TUBES  24” Long 1.5”x.211” wall 
Qty(2) Loaded 1.25” Rod Ends w/ 9/16 standard mis and round tube adapters (can be optioned with grease-able rebuildable joints)
Qty(2) Chassis Link Brackets
Qty(2) Chassis Link Gussets 
Qty(2) Loaded 7/8” Radius Rod Ends w/ 9/16” narrow Misalignment w/ Tapered Tube Adaptors
Qty(4) Bushed DOM Dodge Axle ends - 2 wide -2 narrow
Qty(2) Radius Arm Brackets


9/16 Bolts Nuts Washers (Click on Link Above)

CASTER ELIMATOR PLATES (click on link above)

In this DIY Kit FFS Badges Sold Separately 

*Tips to help prevent any seized or warped threads: 
Correctly adjust welder settings and start your puddle on the tube. (Too much heat will warp the threads)
Do not weld the tube adapter with the rod end threaded inside. (The two pieces cool at different rates and will lock them together)
Wait until everything has completely cooled before threading your rod ends into the adapters

we often get the question, are these greaseable? 

   The bushed dom end can have a grease zerk, although I don’t recommend it. Grease on assembly is more than enough. 
   Any application with a heim (our typical single or double adjustable) is not greasable and does not need to be. We just recommend grease on all parts on assembly and occasional spray of a penetrating lubricant. 
    We do have an option on a joint that is greasable and rebuildable if desired. We would have to do a little machining to work with certain application, but it could work. I personally see no advantages to this route. 

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