Reamer Tool for Tapered Tie Rod Ends and Knuckles


This is the tool you need to ream out your knuckles to fit our GM 1 Ton TRE's. If you want to stay DOT approved and not upgrade to Heim Tie Rod's this is your tool. It will also work for our High Angle Drag Link Tapering needs, you just have to drill a little further. Cutting oil or WD-40 is always suggested to keep it cool and smooth.

If you don’t want to buy this tool, here are the inserts to straight drill and drop in with pre set taper

high angle 1 ton tre insert

standard 1 ton tre insert

Description: 7* Flute reamer designed for Chevy style heavy duty tie rod ends Overall length is 6-1/2", flute length is 4-1/2", major diameter is 1.0" Minor diameter is 3/8", shank diameter is 1/2" with a square on the end Can be used by hand with a tap wrench, in a drill press, or vertical mill with a 1/2" or larger drill chuck or collet.

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