Jeep TJ/LJ/XJ/MJ Fox Steering Stabilizer, PS, 2.0, IFP, 6.2"

The Fox 2.0 Evolution Series IFP steering stabilizer helps take the load off your steering components and keep your tires tracking straight and true. Oversized off-road tires have a tendency to seek out traction in any direction. The large knobs and open tread pattern can cause your front end to wander on or off the road. They use our proven damping technology to provide a comfortable on-road feel and predictable off-road handling in a variety of conditions. The large 5/8 inch alloy steel shock shaft adds increased strength and rigidity. The shafts are NitroSteel hard-coated to resist pitting and scratches that can damage shaft seals. Our Internal Floating Piston (IFP) separates the shock oil from the high-pressure, nitrogen charged gas chamber. The IFP eliminates oil aeration allowing maximum performance from the factory-tuned precision valving. Experience for yourself the added performance and precision control 2.0 Evolution Series IFP steering stabilizers deliver

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