DIY Jeep Long Arm Kit, Pair


This is the way to make your existing longarm or radius arm kit actually strong enough for trail use!

Quite an easy swap but think it through, add a Panhard and a couple of link towers and it is the same style as Ford Bronco. Make some simple changes and it can be a simple 3 link! Lots of possibilities.

The lower tubes are 38 inches long 2" x .25" wall DOM and the uppers are 24 inches long 1.5" x .25" DOM extra long cut to fit for your application. The lower heim is a 1.25" Heat treated heim with your choice of misalignment size. The Chassis Link Bracket hole size is 9/16". The upper is 7/8" Heat treated joint with 9/16" stainless misalignment that is 1 5/8" to fit the radius arm bracket. In the stock form this is made for a plug and play Jeep application but the bracket end could easily become a rod end. Everything comes unwelded

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