Horizontal 4 Link Bracket, Axle End


These are not a new idea because this method has been in use for 20+ years by the desert guys. The Heims are placed so the bolt is vertical and the Heim is in a horizontal orientation.

What this does is transfer the load to the strongest part of the joint. Vertically mounted joints take lateral loads through the bearing races and that just helps them wear out sooner. Think about it, your shocks and limit straps absorb the up and down motion, the races are forced to absorb the lateral motion and act as limit straps.

Setting up all of your joints this way is not a practical solution due to the vulnerability of the bolt but it makes perfect sense for the uppers. Another benefit of using these is that you can increase triangulation by not having to deal with space needed for the bolt in between the joints and you can place them very close together. We leave 1/2" between them when using 1.25" Heims.

We are making them for any flat mounting surface, they could be easily modified to fit any other surface. They are 1/4" thick and made tall enough to be adaptable to any truss or weldable housing. Also keep in mind that when you situate your Rod Ends horizontally you need very little misalignment because the links travel match the axle's movement. These come with a 9/16" hole that can easily be drilled larger, going smaller would be making it weaker so we don't make that easy.

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