1st Gen 62/71 Turbo Cummins 89-93

compressor housing choice

62/71/12 DPS turbo specifically for a first gen Cummins. Choice of compressor housing for Intercooled (reuses stock compressor volute discharge elbow) or non-Intercooled  Great spool up and ready to max out your typical VE pump mods right in the 450 hp range, turbo capable of more. Can go a little higher but most first gens with injectors and pump mods end up right here. And it definitely makes for a fun truck. If you are sticking with a slightly smaller injector, then opt for the same turbo but a 62/65 and enjoy a Cummins that makes excellent low rpm power, the VE pumps specialty. This turbo requires a 4” 4.0 hx40 style exhaust downpipe.

Select your compressor discharge option in the menu above the add to cart button . Straight  hose barb discharge, 90 degree hose barb discharge (3rd gen style) , or 91.5 to 93 OE intercooled style (2" v-band)

Then, if upgrading the compressor, select to upgrade option in the same menu and add to cart.

Not to totally derail your thinking, but weather you are planning on 350hp, or going all the way with the comp ve pump and shooting for 600+hp, there is no better turbo choice than our 1st gen compound turbo kit for early spool, controlled egt’s, long lasting easy working turbos, towing performance or max power play. And it is even a good choice for you non Intercooled guys to stay non Intercooled and still make great power with no egt issue. 

Combine this turbo with our pdd 5x12's and our denny t pin, spring and afc delete for a complete power package for your first gen cummins. 
T-3 Turbo, gaskets, bolts.
Available Options
hx40 weld on flange for down pipe. 

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