1972-93 Dodge Dana 60 Steering Stabilizer Kit Options


   These are the parts you need to choose from to add a good looking high performance steering stabilizer kit to your first gen Dodge or square body Chevy with a front dana 60. (Pics will help explain your options, the first 3 really show all versions) Since there are several options we will make this a list of items that you can choose from to make your kit.

For a complete kit you will need one each of the two items shown below, and also a stabilizer shock  

  Axle End Mounting Bracket (2 choices,  a bracket over your existing differential cover, or complete  fabricated differential  cover with integral mounting tab,  these will come with the hardware to mount themselves.

   Tie Rod End Mount (4 choices), Choose from a clamp for your stock 1.25” tie rod, or a clamp for your aftermarket 1.5” tie rod, or a completely new 1.5” .250" wall tie rod that already has the stabilizer mount welded in. It will either have standard tie rod ends or heim joint style rod ends.

Select separately the actual damping shock;

 Stabilizer Shock : click here for FoxHere for Bilstein


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