81-93 Heater Box Cover Set Dodge Truck & Ramcharger

Raw Finish

81-93 Heater Box Cover Set Dodge Truck & Ramcharger

An attractive customizable bolt on cover for the air conditioning / heater box of your 81-93 Dodge truck. Designed around the desire to update or replace the original rubber and insulation that is often worn out, unsightly or missing. Includes the two piece cover, bolts to couple them, and new retainer nuts for the firewall. 

This is designed around the heater box that includes a/c and runs model years from 93 back. This same box can be retrofitted to earlier trucks id desired. 

-Raw, Wrinkle Black, or Custom powder finish available. 

This can of course be considered a dress up part, but ultimately something better than original is needed. On my own truck, as soon as I made any good power, the old dust filled insulation caught on fire from the exhaust and the only way I noticed was seeing some smoke from under the truck while walking away as it slowly smoldered! Get rid of that ugly original cover before something like that happens.
This will be an accessory to some of our other coming firewall parts. This is designed to bolt on a bare firewall with anything moved out of the way necessary. The inner fender would need to come out to fully install the cover. However, once fully installed, none of the bottom piece can be seen and quite a bit of the main upper cover can’t be seen. So if you wish more for dress up and less for heat/sound barrier, this cover could be trimmed and test fitted for a good look, but much easier install. Of course you would want to order raw for best results on that. 
   The cover is designed for you to be able to insulate the inside to any level you desire. Space for heat insulation/sound deadener as well as fiberglass based insulation board like duct board. 

Questions Asked: 

Hello, I was wondering if you offer any thermal/ceramic coating for this since it does protect the plastic heater box on the firewall and I don’t want to risk ruining mine. Has that ever been an issue using your cover? Thanks again

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Answer:  We made this heater box cover to be able to be as heat or noise insulated from the inside as you care to. Heat or sound deadening material or fiberglass insulation board (such as heating duct board) are all options. Otherwise, if you choose, we can do a high heat powder coating option. 

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