Bumper metal wrap around Add-on


Metal wrap around Add-on Pieces for 1GFrontBumper, for the bumper itself, click here.

We offer a wrap around kit to add wings to our regular front bumper based on requests for a bumper like the one on my red dodge. This is a custom undertaking due to the great differences from my truck, which features extended wheelbase and extended fender openings that reduce the length of the wrap around portion. However several have been done with good results. These parts are to do your own, here is a little guidance from us. My suggestion, do a mock-up, test of the bumper (preferably mostly welded, they will move some with the heat), cut and finish the fenders making sure your new edge is level, then build and finish the wings to match them. I would not build the bumper first and then try to match-cut the fenders. The item pics give you an idea of what can be accomplished. 

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