72-93 Ram Firewall Plate 1 Piece Smooth Wire Tuck


72-93 Ram Firewall Plate 1 Piece Smooth Wire Tuck

   This firewall plate is designed to smooth out the appearance of the engine bay, and also it is the template that allows various changes to be made often desired by a builder. Also helpful in tucking all those wires, and vacuum or wiper squirter hoses that run across the top of the firewall away so they can’t be seen. 

   It is considered a bolt on part, but can be secured with other custom methods depending on your plans. Bolt on is a general statement, because it requires various levels of vehicle disassembly based on its options.
Those choices of those options range from
*heat / cool systems (options for oem or smoothed for aftermarket vintage air),
*hydraulic clutch provision (like on 88 and newer cabs),
*wiring harness bulkhead style or location (pre or post 87 location or a switch to a complete aftermarket harness and fuse box),
*or simply eliminating holes not needed for a clean look.
   Many of these are common on crew cab projects and diesel or efi swaps, but with original heating systems and wiring harnesses now at least 30 years old, all of these trucks are worthy of a considerable update.
   The heading says one-piece, but ultimately it can be selected in one, two or three pieces and still appear just as clean depending on your setup or options. The 3 piece choice allows the center section to float over the original voltage regulator bump out. But it can be easily flattened out. The three-piece would make wire routing more convenient.

   After purchase, this product will require a form to be filled out so that we know generally what you are working with and towards, and before producing the part, a scheduled phone conversation with the draftsman laying out what works for your build.

Form Items;
*Year of existing firewall.
*Hydraulic Clutch Provision 88-93
yes / no
*OEM Wiring Bulkhead
yes/no or aftermarket
*Heat / Cool system
OEM 80-93 a/c / OEM 80-93 heat only / Vintage Air / none / custom
*Brake Booster Type
Vacuum / Hydroboost
*Auxiliary Bulkhead disconnect
Yes / no. 
*Voltage regulator. 
Yes / no
*E-Brake Pedal
yes / no. 
*Level of Disassembly 

Above items are assuming you wish to keep the oem brake booster location, steering column, wiper motor and hood release cable. All these could become custom options too if you had specifics about what you want to do with your build. Various small items like ground points are not included because those are easy to locate in better more reliable locations. 

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