3/8" DOT AIRLINE (50 FT)


3/8" DOT AIRLINE (50 FT)


Manufactured from durable materials to help ensure longevity.


This product is a 100% certified replacement part.


guarantees this product will fit with no issues. 

Whether you are planning to tackle your air suspension yourself, or you simply need to repair some damaged lines on your existing kit, you are going to want to buy your airline in bulk. FarFromStock offers 50ft or any length of ⅜” DOT airline for you to purchase to complete or repair your air suspension system. This airline is DOT approved and is made of high quality materials to allow for years of reliability. Purchase this airline in this 50ft bulk kit to save money when compared to buying an airline in smaller quantities.

Air suspension airline is used to carry air from your vacuum manifold to each air strut on your vehicle. When punctured or damaged, you may experience an air bag not operating the way that it should. Airline can easily be replaced with an airline cutter tool and the correct tools needed to get to the airlines on your vehicle.

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