FFS Fast Bump/Dump Aux Air System


   FFS Fast Bump/Dump Aux Air System. 
This is how we make our air suspension trucks drop and raise extra quick!
   It should be used as an auxiliary system to a base electronic system like accuair e-level. Although it’s in the name of fun, it is also nearly a complete secondary system which can act as a failsafe if there is a problem with the electronic system. Not likely but we don’t like roadside issues. 
   Meant to couple with our air systems that use an air bag with an externally threaded stud with 1/4”npt interior threads. 
   Includes parts needed and general diagram of what gets added to the truck. 
   Completely customized installation required, no two trucks are the same, so the results will be up to the patience and skill of the installer.  
   Includes 8 large valves, check valves, two 3 gallon tanks, switches, one 5 gallon tank, adapters, dot push to connect fittings, all designed to flow a lot of air. All items and fittings of expense are included. It will not include 100% of what you need, but will be close, what is not included will be commonly available inexpensive hardware or auto parts store items. 

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