94-02 Dodge Ram adjustable Control Arms


Upper and Lower Heavy Duty replacement and extended length control arms for you 2nd gen 4 wheel drive truck. Available in single or double adjustable. Stock length allows for very little adjustment to be shorter so that they can extend and will work well to add tire clearance at the back of the fender opening or extend your arms to make up for a lift or leveling kit. Single adjustable will easily go to +3/4” or even more, double adjustable can freely flex and either end and also adjust up to +1.5” and beyond. The advantage of the double adjustable is ease of adjustment over the singles, which require at least one end being removed for each adjustment. However with a bushing in the system (single adjustable) are a better choice for a street driven truck. Otherwise the double will adjust with just turning the tube. But keep in mind you will probably adjust them in one session and then forget about them after that.  Available raw, or black wrinkle powder. Comes with attaching hardware.

You will need to ream the trucks upper control arm holes to 9/16. You will also need  caster eliminator plates to do away with the original caster slots in the front axle.

NOTE: Your mounting points no doubt have been squashed tight from over tightening and will need opened back up to factory width so you don’t struggle installing your new control arms. This is most easily done with a bolt with the head inside the bracket and pair of nuts / washers to use as a press to push the brackets to their original wide shape. 

we often get the question, are these greaseable? 

   The bushed dom end can have a grease zerk, although I don’t recommend it. Grease on assembly is more than enough. 
   Any application with a heim (our typical single or double adjustable) is not greasable and does not need to be. We just recommend grease on all parts on assembly and occasional spray of a penetrating lubricant. 
    We do have an option on a joint that is greasable and rebuildable if desired. We would have to do a little machining to work with certain application, but it could work. I personally see no advantages to this route. 

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