FFS HD DIY Traction Bar Kit


   All traction bar kits have improved pricing, FFS badging, and hardware is included! More complete and affordable than ever!
   These parts are to build a hardcore, heavy duty, no rattle and good-looking traction bar set. We’ve seen all kinds of weak and undersized parts and ugly brackets; this is not that kit. Tubing available in 4’, 5’ or 6’.  5 feet covers most installs. The best of the best monster 2"-1/4" wall tube. 

The various tubing lengths available are not indicative of fitness for a particular application. Some preliminary measuring from the axle tube; to a suitable mounting point on the frame IS HIGHLY RECOMMEDNED. 

Pre welded/powdered link lengths have been tested on nothing. See above. We will build to suit. We assume no responsibility for fitment. This is a Do-It Yourself product. Not a bolt on.

   If you have had problems with the rear axle wandering and wheel hopping under the heavy torque. Be it in the sand, dirt, or putting down a thick smokey burnout on pavement, this kit is a solution for you. It features a pair of arms that firmly locate your axle, and help you keep your tires firmly planted. This will let you put all the traction you have to the ground without giving up any suspension travel or ground clearance. Designed specifically for heavy duty 3/4 ton or 1 ton trucks with big power, big axles and the good heavy duty looks to go with it. 
   Even without traction problems, these with firmly locate you rear axle and prevent rear wander due to road imperfections, not something you likely thought about but would notice if you later remove your bars. Remarkable difference. 
   These work great in conjunction with a rear lift block, increasing the traction bars leverage against axle wrap, making a strong triangle between them, your lift block and the leaf spring acting as an upper arm. 

   KIT INCLUDES: (click for separate availability)
(1) Pair of our FFS overlay badge frame brackets
(1) Pair of our FFS 3.5"/ 4” diameter axle mount brackets
(2) Bushed DOM sleeves 2-5/8" wide for 9/16" bolt
(2) Big 1.25" Heat/Cryo treated Heim joints with misalignment spacers for 9/16" bolts
(4) 9/16" x 4.5" Grade 8 fine thread bolt sets
(2) sticks of 2” .250 wall tube in chosen length. 

   These are also available in pre welded finished links. The frame and axle brackets will still need to be welded to the vehicle. We have several bolt on frame brackets available if welding isn’t an option for you. Click here ➡️ for 03-current dodge ram frame rail bolt on brackets that match our radius long arm kits for those trucks. 
   We provide a standard black wrinkle powder.  Custom colors, selects from the menu, ,  single stage color or two stage color.


If you are local or not we can complete the install here at the shop. Call for Shop Labor Quote (740) 715-0307

   If you need further instructions on installation check out our Youtube INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO 

   Ford Chevy Dodge Cummins Powerstroke Duramax or whatever you can think of. 

Hardware Box 24 lbs 

48” Tube 38 lbs 

60” Tube 48 lbs 

72” Tube 57.6 lbs 


Current Material Shortages have increased the price of this tubing FOURFOLD. We are suspending sales of 2" DOM unless special ordered by phone. Call Jon at 740.715.0010

We have substituted .211 wall seam weld pipe in this listing until further notice. It will not compromise strength unduly in any application that we used the DOM pipe in previously. We would not substitute this product if we felt it would affect the ultimate strength of our products.

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