72-93 Dodge Traction Bar Kit with u-bolt Flip


This is a traction bar kit specifically designed for a 72-93 Dodge truck. Of course, it includes our traditional traction bar kit parts like super strong monster 1-1/4” rod ends and good looking FFS brackets for a no break, no bend, and no rattle installation. Here are some reasons it is the right fit for your early Dodge truck.

First it replaces your original bottom U-bolt plate that incorporates the shock mount on the bottom of your axle, providing a single bracket to mount both the shock and the traction bar. This is the main break from our traditional kit. This also allows you to, and includes parts to, swap to a traditional round bottom U-bolt with the threads up and plate on top for a nice clean look. Includes an FFS badge on the rear surface. This is designed for a dana 70 with a 3.5” diameter tube. Can be for a different size tube on request. Requires welding. Available in pre-built links with weld on brackets or total DIY configuration. 

60” of 2” DOM Tubing

pair of 1-1/4” rod ends, tube adapters and misalignments

pair of standard bushed DOM ends

pair of FFS frame link brackets with badges and hardware 

pair of 3.5” axle brackets for shock and traction bar with 1/2” x 3 shock bolt/nut sets  

(2) Spring top plates

(4) 5/8”-14" U-bolts  

4 9/16 x 4.5 bolt/nut sets  


Due to the infinite variation of lift block use or height and lift pack thickness you must supply us with the Measurement from the -top of your axle tube to the top of the spring pack- for us to get you the proper length of U-Bolt.

Please give us a call at your earliest convenience with this measurement or with any questions.


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