The Hungry Diesel VE Pump Power Package


 These 3 items make for a solid foundation to improving the performance of your 1st Gen. From here, injectors and turbo upgrades are waiting to make your truck stomp a new mudhole in fancy trucks with "tuners".


The Hungry Diesel fuel pin!

Made from 4140 and max hardened. This pin is properly cut, so to give maximum fueling, but not cut too deep to allow slide pin to slip past the O ring. The pin is also cut with a "flat" ramp design, as opposed to the common "progressive" ramps. This gives a much smoother fueling transition and avoids unnecessary smoke.


Low Pressure Piston Lift Pump Kit

True high volume low pressure piston lift pump. 
Unlike other low pressure piston lift pumps these have the larger diameter piston, which push about 25% greater volume.

Bosch VE Pump 3200 RPM Gov. Spring 

Bosch VE Pump 3200 rpm spring. More RPMs, duh.

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