Swing Out Tire Carrier Latch


Swing Out Tire Carrier Latch

This heavy duty tire carrier latch is rated up to 2,000 lbs. The arm length is adjustable and the handle has a vinyl cover.

We see a lot of people building their bumpers the wrong way. When you use a swingout you must have a rest for the end or you will have an inevitable stress fracture. The swingout end must be supported when at rest, just a pad of steel that doesn’t allow downward movement then situate the clamp to pull the arm even tighter against the rest to completey stop any upward movement. When following from behind you should not see any movement at all, if it moves it isn’t resting on the pad or the clamp is not tight enough. In the latched/ locked position the red handle must be 90 degrees from the ubolt as pictured or else it will not hold shut

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