OPTIMA YELLOWTOP® Deep Cycle Battery D31T



OPTIMA YELLOWTOP® Deep Cycle Battery

Key Benefits
  • Faster recharging capabilities
  • Maintenance free for maximum convenience
  • Completely non-spillable, mountable in many positions
  • 15x the vibration resistance of a standard flooded battery
  • Up to 3 times longer life vs. standard flooded batteries
  • SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY with 99.99% pure lead delivers more power and consistently outperforms conventional flat-plate batteries

Battery Specifications

Battery Type YELLOWTOP
C20 Capacity 75.0 AH
Model D31T
CCA 900 A
Manufacturer's Part Numbers 8050-160, 9050-160
Height 9.38 IN
Length 12.81 IN
Reserve Capacity @25 Amps 155 minutes
Voltage 12.0 V
Weight 59.80 LB
Width 6.56 IN

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