Leaf Spring Hangers For 3.0" Inner Diameter


The 3” inside width is a Spring Hanger made for 2.75" Leaf Springs (If your 2.5" springs have the Large 3" OD Bushings you need these also). The inner width is 3.0" for bushing room and it has an additional "ramp" piece for greater rigidity and rock protection. This particular stylehanger can be used to add 1"+ WB when used extending beyond the frame, the Spring Pin location is aligned with the leading edge of the bracket itself, that can come in handy. We have used them facing front or rearward, the ramp can act as a skid too. This can be used when mounting any 3.0" OD Spring on any vehicle.

The 2.75 inside width is a spring hanger made for 2.5" Leaf Springs with narrow bushing shoulders. The inner width is 2.75" for bushing room

Sold in pairs.


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