GMT800 CHEVY Duramax Solid Axle Conversion Long Travel Air


GMT800 CHEVY Duramax Solid Axle Conversion Long Travel Air 1999-07 2500-3500

Just like you would expect, when we dive into a suspension system, especially air or long travel, we leave others in the dust. No settling for small diameter bags with a stiffer ride, no sacrifice of towing quality or handling, no small amounts of travel where it’s difficult to see how much it even moves.

This is a next level long travel air suspension system for your 99-07 2500-3500 
   This system will move! 14” of travel. Adjusts from -0” lift to +14” of lift on 4 link suspension. 
Stock Height 0” to Plus 14” of true Travel. 

   This system is soft! Largest bag diameter and length of any system available from any competitor. It will effortlessly support the truck and ride like a cloud. 
   This system will handle! All new heavy duty 1/4 wall dom steering and track system to eliminate all the oem tie rod end junk. 
   Engineered to work! So don’t ask to substitute your shocks or steering stabilizer or your track bar drop bracket or whatever, it won’t work correctly. Our stuff will work on your truck but other manufacturers parts very likely are not tight enough tolerances or designed with the same thing in mind or in conjunction with similar parts. I’m not saying we won’t do anything you ask, but you will be messing with the end result that is already correct. This setup is so tight that it can not be used with an aftermarket diff cover. There isn’t enough room to fit. But, if there was, it couldn’t be as cool. 


Complete FFS Full Steering Kit including Dual Steering Stabilizers 

Bolt On 4 Link 

4 Shocks 



IFS Axle brackets Removal and installation of our new reinforcements. 

03-13 Dodge AAM 2500 Axle 

08-12 Ford Superduty Steering Box 

Prop Shaft will need slip yoke installed. 

Air Management 


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