Dual Mount Adjustable 4 Link Brackets

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*Sold in pairs, unwelded.

This is a simple way to mount your upper and lower frame side link mounts on an upper triangulated 4 link. An added benefit to making this into one bracket is the additional strength from the upper and lower mounts reinforcing each other. You still have the adjustability in the upper link mount allowing you to increase or decrease link separation and upper link angle. One thing we kept in mind when designing this is the bracket clearance. At just under 5" tall from the underside of the frame, this bracket fits the TJ/YJ Wrangler frame (and many other vehicles) without requiring a body lift.

  • 10 degree angle on lower mounts, 25 degree on upper for triangulation (plus or minus 10 degree's depending on the joint used)
  • Mounting distance of 2 5/8" (2.625") for use with 1.25" Heims or Joints
  • 9/16" mounting holes with 3", 4.25" or 5.5" vertical separation the upper link
  • 1/2" holes in the side and bottom to allow plug welds for extra strength or bolt-on installation  

Note: This type of bracket is designed for use on a boxed frame, not a C-channel frame. If your frame is C-channel you must box the area of the frame to accept this style of mounting bracket.

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