Bend-Tech Sheet Metal


Bend-Tech SM is a simple and powerful sheet metal design software that is geared towards the hobbyist, school, prototype shop, maintenance facility, or performance shop. You will no longer need to spend your money on the expensive, high-end solid modeling CAD systems to be able to design sheet metal parts. Bend-Tech SM is also very easy to use and does not require weeks of training and several volumes of guides and tutorials.

Bend-Tech SM takes on an approach of designing from a 2D perspective, some may refer to it as 2 ½D. Most of the design work is done in 2D, however, the model that is built is in full 3D. There are easy to find CAD tools while working on a flange or bend zone for geometry design and manipulation.

The software designers at Bend-Tech understand sheet metal and know what is needed to make quick work of designs. There are many specific features to make the design work faster such as; path text, bridging, slots for bend relief, void slots for bend zones and manual bending, corner notches, and specific hole shapes including dimple die and ellipse.

Bend-Tech SM will output a DXF file to send to a CAM system for cutting or give you a 1:1 drawing on multiple sheets of paper to be used as a scaled template for fabrication. Bend-Tech SM flat layout will provide bend radius, angle, and direction information, as well as dimension the tangents of each bend or the center bend line for help in bending.

Bend-Tech SM also has an assembly module where you can design your plates or sheet metal and assemble them together. Assembly will help determine if you have the look you want and make sure the parts go together correctly.

When you use Bend-Tech SM as a module within Bend-Tech PRO or Bend-Tech SE you can design tube, plate, and sheet metal together.

Bend-Tech SM is truly in a class by itself. This is the only sheet metal and plate design software available on the market for the hobbyist, school, prototype shop, maintenance facility, or performance shop.

Here are the highlights and key features of Bend-Tech SM:

Easy-to-use and powerful 2D CAD
Add Bends/Flanges
Flat (Unfolded) Layout
Path (Outline) Text
Dimple Dies
Slot and Tabs
Bend Stitching
Custom Geometric Library
Scale Printing
Material Library
Save and Edit part files

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