94-02 2g Long Travel Air Suspension (REAR)


94-02 2g Long Travel Air Suspension (REAR ONLY)

Just like you would expect, when we dive into a suspension system, especially air or long travel, we leave others in the dust. No settling for small diameter bags with a stiffer ride, no sacrifice of towing quality or handling, no small amounts of travel where it’s difficult to see how much it even moves.

WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE (2nd Gen Ram Long Travel Air Suspension)

   This system will move! 14” of travel. Adjusts from -4” lift to +10” of lift on 4 link suspension. 
   This system is soft! Largest bag diameter and length of any system available from any competitor. It will effortlessly support the truck and ride like a cloud. 
   Available for your rear dana 70, 80 srw, or drw axle

Ships in RAW (Bare Metal) or our standard black powder coating at request. Custom powder coating colors are available.  

Please contact us with any request, questions, and shipping quote.

📞 740.939.0073 





Frame Brackets 

Rear Shock Extensions  

Four Link 

Rear Anti-Sway Bar Kit 


Extras(not included): 

Air Management 

Tank Mounts 

Fast Bump Dump 


Questions asked:

Hello, I have a 2002 3500 and am looking at your 94-02 2g Long Travel Air Suspension (REAR) I'll be towing 14-15K and have a hid a ball goose neck. question with the hide a ball interfere with the 4 link air ride kit? and is this kit ok for towing 15K with a 6spd. thanks for your time, David E.

Answer: No problem on towing heavy, best option there is. We use the outside of the frame for our bag mount. However, I included extra material that extends up to the bed floor so a hitch can stay, or be adapted to fit. Very straightforward project to put about anyone’s gooseneck hitch in that location. 



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