81-93 Dodge Truck Bed

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We sell used clean Dodge long or short beds. This listing is for a bed (pic is an example) with no rust. Minimal or minor dents in non key areas possible. We can get beds about any time but usually don’t stock them (or they don’t stay long enough to stock them). The minimum for a rust free bed is $1500, a tailgate can be included if needed although not necessarily a match. Bedsides are otherwise not available individually for repair, and patch panels are often seen through bodywork due to the long flat surface of the body style. So even if bedsides were available, at the cost for two, plus body labor, the cost outweighs the replacement used bed, making it this option a good value. A near perfect bed will go up. This listing is to commit to a bed we either have or will get. We will shop for you like we would for ourselves. Allow 4 weeks for us to have the bed if we don’t already have one.  It can be picked up either here in our Ohio shop or possibly from one of our various purchase points or we can ship at additional cost, to be discussed and determined after purchase. 

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