94-02 2G Dodge Ram Sway Bar Relocation Bracket Set


94-02 Ram 3rd Gen Sway Bar Relocation Bracket Set 

Moves sway bar down and forward for lifted truck and long travel air applications. 
Includes bracket set, bushing set and bushing set hardware. 
Reuses OEM hardware to threaded frame. 
Does not drop your anti sway bar on ram trucks, but moves it forward, adjustable, approximately 2-3”.

Essential part on our air suspension systems. 

Attaches to truck frame with original hardware, can help to grind lip off 2 front original bolt heads to thin them to near 1/4” tall, but not necessary.


10148 and 10149 plates, X2 each, pair.

X4 3/8 x 1-1/4 bolt

X4 3/8 lock nut

X3 3/8 washer

Energy 1-1/4 sway bushing / strap set

Part 10390

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