2G Ram Sway Bar Link Kit ( 2g Air ) or other


2G Ram Sway Bar Link Kit ( 2g Air ) or other

X2 2g sway bar end links

(tube cut in sway end link build / fab)


2 bracket / bolt sets (Hellwig 7964)


X2 5/8 x 5/8 rht rod ends

X2 5/8 x 5/8 lht rod ends

X8 5/8 x 1/2 misalignment


X2 1/2” x 3 bolt

X2 1/2” x 3.5 bolt

X8 1/2” washer

X4 1/2” lock nut

Fine or coarse ok


Drill axle sway tabs from tapered to straight for a 1/2” bolt.

Adapt ends of original sway bar with conversion brackets.

Remove powder from end link to jamb nut surface. Grease threads and bolts prior to assembly.

With long travel air, these will be adjusted fairly short.

As always, cycle, test, cycle until confident with settings.

Sway bar can touch steering box bolt head, slide grinding on bolt head will add a little clearance.

WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE (2nd Gen Ram Long Travel Air Suspension)


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