2011-2016 LML Duramax Turbo Installation Kit for S300/S400



  • x1 Duramax Remote Turbo Oil Feed Line for 1/4 NPT Turbo Oil Inlet (EX: Borg Warner S300 & S400 Frame Turbos)

    x1 Universal Turbo Drain Nipple (7/8") with Integrared Sealing O-ring

    x1 2011-2016 Duramax Lower Turbo Drain Tube (LML)

    x1 8" 0.870 4 Ply Silicone Hose (Duramax Drain Hose on LB7, turbo intstall kits and drain kit)

    x2 3/8"-16x1" Flange Head Bolt

    x2 M10-1.5x25mm Flange Head Bolt

    x2 M8 × 1.25 Flange Head for Turbo Drain Kits

    x2 Breeze Mini Hose Clamp SAE 16 w/ Plated Hex Screw

    x1 16MM Metric Port Plug Allen Head

    x4 M10 x 12 x 5.3 x 19.7(37) Stud

    x4 M10 x 12 x 39 x 26 (77) Stud

    x1 T4 Divided Turbine Flange Gasket

    x2 1/2" Billet Aluminum Universal Block Off Plug

    x2 Breeze Mini Hose Clamp SAE 6 w/Plated Hex Screw

    x1 2011+ Duramax LML Rear Engine Cover Coolant Return Plug

    x4 Nut for Stud Kits

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