1st Gen Compound Turbo Kit


62/65 over S475 Twin (Compound) TWIN TURBOS FOR 1st Gen 89-93 DODGE CUMMINS

   This turbo set has been scientifically proven to monkey stomp a single turbo setup. Once turned up to 300 hp and beyond a VE truck will begin to produce a lot of heat. Cool it down with this set of compounds. Will match your VE Pump mods from mild to wild. Will efficiently work with as little as 300 hp but can make over 600 hp. Which makes it a perfect match to our 600+ hp comp ve
   This kit is a bolt on for a 91.5-93 including a down pipe for a 1st gen . Don’t be messing around with your stock intercooler either, for better results get our Mishimoto 1st gen intercooler. But an interesting option for you non Intercooled guys would be to just leave it that way and let the advantages of the compounds keep your egt’s under control. Just opt for the non Intercooled compressor housing. Get your first gen Cummins running monkey stomp style! #FarFromStock. 
   Designed to be used with an Intercooled truck 91.5-93 or similarly converted 89-91, but can have the compressor housing swapped for a straight outlet to run the setup as non Intercooled, (custom crossover pipe required).
   Will require relocation of original auto trans heat exchanger if equipped. (We have a rear mount and line kit available).
   Will likely require a flexible trans dipstick tube like Lokar or similar modification to the original tube. 
   Water lines for heater can easily be re-routed with a pair of rubber hose 90’s at the heater core to lay on the passenger inner fender and return to the original lower radiator hose fitting and supply from the fitting directly on the passenger side of the water pump. 



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