72-93 Dodge 8x6.5 Lug FFS Wheel Spacers (1/2” extended Lug Nuts Included)


   FarFromStock Wheel Spacers - THE preferred and recommended wheel spacer by FFS. 
   Lifetime Warranty w proof of purchase.

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  Hey first gen guys, the spacers purchased here will have larger studs than your original truck and a matching set of lug nuts just like all of our 8 lug spacers.  Your truck has 1/2” studs unless its a dually. (If it’s a dually or you have anything but 1/2x20 studs then this is the wrong link) Your 1/2” studs are also very short and really don’t have enough thread to engage the lug nut in aftermarket wheels or wheel spacers. So we also include a set of 1/2 lug nuts, 3/4 socket drive, that have an extended thread to solve the problem the stud size difference and of your lug nuts not having enough thread engagement on your original trucks studs.
Also of note when ordering, on almost all 93 and prior dodge trucks, the the rear axle was about 1” per side more narrow than the front. So our suggestion is to up the rear spacer width by one inch on the rear set over what you choose for the front.

Follow the instructions at the bottom for a happy truck on some sweet spacers.  

FarFromStock spacers are made from high quality TRUE 6061 Forged Aluminum (unlike others who claim to use) and machined for a perfect fit with Grade 12.9 Wheel studs pressed in. With higher quality grade materials, a larger overall diameter allowing more material and strength, makes FarFromStock wheel spacers/adapters one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Used and trusted by many of the top wheel manufactures on company trucks, the choice for many of the top 4x4 and off-road shops, as well as thousands of daily driven trucks world wide.

Spacers SOLD Individually per wheel. (If you need 4 spacers purchase a qty of 4)

Note: There is a 20% restocking fee for any returned spacers. The product must be in like new condition. Dings, stuck on crud from the hub mounting surface, and banged up lug nuts from poorly fitting sockets, are grounds for a reduction or outright refusal of return.

NOTE: Torque Wheel Spacers at the same specified torque rating as the vehicle/wheels you are installing. Also Important make sure you retorque after a drive. 1st gen


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