1st gen 1g Goerend Non lock up upgrade performance torque converter A518 A618


For our 91.5 to 93 owners that would like to enhance the operation of your automatic, without the expense and hassle of a lockup transmission transplant,  we now have the solution. Goerend Transmission is well known as one of the foremost convertor manufactures in the Diesel truck world, and have developed two converters for this application that make remarkable gains in power transfer and drivability of the 1st gen overdrive auto. These convertors are suitable up to the 400 HP level. Above this power level, a swap to a 47/48 RE type auto is strongly encouraged.

This item comes in two flavors:

15 Blade: For owners still working the truck. Moderately reduced stall over stock , with 40% gains in cruise slip numbers and efficiency. 

17 blade: For play and show rigs. Higher stall to take advantage of higher power and RPM trucks. Comparable gains in efficiency to the 15. 

Converters must have a improved billet flex plate or SFI rated plate installed. The original 1G Flex plate will break.

47RH-RE 48RE Flexplates — Far From Stock (farfromstockstore.com)

In the menu above the add to cart button, Select which convertor flavor and if you want to send the core in first or pay the core charge and send in your core after you receive the new one.

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