1g trans swap 425 hp


Don’t rebuild your 727 or 46rh! The original auto trans from your 93 and prior has no lockup available! The early 91 and prior has no overdrive or lockup. The most important features allowing your Cummins powered truck to actually use its hp and torque. A shift to overdrive, much less lockup, is like a boost of power you didn’t know your truck was capable of. (Approximately 150 hp can be hiding behind a un-locked converter) Comes with converter and fluid. Also includes HD flex plate and deep trans pan.

Upgrade and customization choices available for additional price: flex plate, deep pan (allows for temp sensor), shift firmness. 

Freight charges will apply, but to your door or business options available.  Allow for up to 3 weeks build time  

A swap does come with some issues to overcome but are more than worth it for this very important feature.

You must get and 2g adapter plate and starter (straight bolt in, sometimes the starter is a little close to the edge of the frame rail where there is a small buldge, a small straightening slice of less than 1/4” is all that’s needed)

You also need either a core trans or pay the core charge. Depending on your desired shift control arrangements you can pick from any 94-95 (47rh) or any 96-02 (47re) trans as a core. will charge for shipping after.

A full manual valvebody is the simplest of choices and is quite fun to drive and tow with. We accomplish this with our shifter stand kit that allows control of each gear safely and comfortably. If you want more of a fully automatic arrangement with a drive feature, you will have to some work to add a potentiometer to handle lockup. A slight driveshaft adjustment may be necessary but this can be used as an excuse for a much improved one piece rear driveshaft or front upgrade to at least the small chrysler pinion yoke. 

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