14-C 4th/5th Gen Ram bolt-on 4 Link Conversion


   14-C 4th/5th Gen Dodge Ram bolt-on 4 Link Conversion converts your stock Radius Arm front suspension to a true four link. (14 and newer 2500 and 3500 Ram).
   Why you might ask? Accommodates more lift than a radius arm (especially without an ugly drop bracket) and more importantly holds caster in a long travel setup, and that’s important with an adjustable suspension like our long travel air system.
   Designed for long travel and to be able to utilize full compression of the stock bump stops as well as droop out to more than 10” of lift. (Lower arm sits near level at 4” of lift). So the kit would technically fit any truck from lower than stock to +10” of lift or even more. 
   They are a key component to our long travel air system, but work great on a static leveled or lifted truck. Bolts in stock pivot bolt and other existing frame holes for a no-mod install. Longest arms possible in this location. The included FFS overlay plates, now in standard double overlay, clean up and even out the otherwise mismatched original frame brackets really cleaning up those lines. 

   All made of the heaviest materials, nearly 100% 1/4” steel. Not only are they good looking but insanely strong too. 
4  steel links with axle clevis ends. 
4 1-1/4 chromoly heat treated rod ends and components. 
2 chassis four link brackets with overlay plates. 
all hardware to install. (You will re-use 4 of your original 6 radius arm bolts) 
   A great compliment to this would at minimum be our adjustable track bar, better yet, the whole steering kit including the drop track bar bracket since most of you interested in this kind will have a fairly lifted truck. 
   Finish is wrinkle black powder, custom powder options available. Please contact for color. Raw on request. 
   Although we have measurements set for our air system, we can customize lengths if you are building something specific, as in 10” of lift static or more. 

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