DIY Universal Heim Steering Kit 55" tube

   Monster strong steering setup that uses 7/8" heims with easier adjustment & much stronger tubing than any stock application. This is a great fix to junky y-link type steering and weak stuff you have to replace each year. The kit can be used with stock steering position on the knuckle or High Steer arms. You will drill out your arms or knuckles to 3/4". 

   The adjustment is easier because we add Hex Head weld bungs so a crescent wrench is your adjustment tool, not a pipe wrench which will scar the tube and if too deep cause a major stress riser. Not to mention what it does to the paint... 

   These are stronger than stock because we use 1.5" X .25" Wall DOM tubing and 7/8" Heat Treated Chromoly heim joints. 

You will receive: 

4 7/8x7/8 rod ends with a full compliment of parts (steering/tie misalignments, tube adapters and jamb nuts) to make a complete joint able to be welded into the tube and bolted to a steering component,

2 55” 1.5x.250 wall dom tubes, 

One of the unique things about this setup is the Safety Misalignment. We combine the misalignment you need with the Safety Washer you also need, eliminating a join point which is a potential stress riser and an obvious shear point. 

We do not provide the 3/4" bolts you will need. You must determine the length you need and it will vary with the thickness of your High Steer arm & Pitman Arm. Just make sure you get high quality bolts. 

We supply more DOM than you need because it is way too easy to make a mistake in your calculations and you can always cut tube, growing it back is the hard part!

This is a do it yourself style kit that requires welding by a competent person with the right equipment, don't skimp, do it right! You will need to check clearances with the steering at lock to see if you need to add any bends before you cut it down to clear diff covers, sway bar mounts, etc. 
Our kit is longer  kit due to late model axles needing more tube. 

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