Tuff Stuff® "Elite" Overland Rooftop Tent Anti Condensation Mat


This is a very easy installation for anybody- Simply lift or remove the mattress from the tent, lay the 2X mats on both surfaces of the tent floor. Screw through the mat, into the floor using fender washers and self-tapping flat head screws. Put the mattress back in place, and go camping!

if you are looking into purchasing a Rooftop Tent, don’t hesitate to add this to your purchase. This small addition will protect your investment and eliminate that mildew smell common among camping equipment.

Anti Condensation Mat DIMENSIONS:

2 MATS PRE-CUT TO 48″x79″

Simply lay the mat down on the stationary (mounted) side of the tent and spread out under the mattress.

For overhanging part of the tent, you will want to fasten the mat using 2X self-tapping screws at the corners nearest the door opening so it will not fall out when opening or closing your rooftop tent. Be sure to screw into the internal framing of the tent for secure mounting.

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