Dura Grip for Ford 10.25" & 10.5"

YDGF10.25-35-1   [26031] 
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Dura Grip for Ford 10.25" & 10.5" 
"Of course "" has their spiel about the duragrip but I've seen it myself first hand. My truck wasn't worth trying to spin the tires with, unless you were ok with being embarrassed that it was more willing to spin one than two. The factory lsd would sometimes do exactly what it was supposed to but rarely. Now I can always count on it putting both rear tires to work in any situation. No longer an embarrassment."- 
Darrell Reese
⬇️here's their info;

The "" Dura Grip provides aggressive yet smooth traction to give you the confidence and performance you need. Get longer life and better traction with the heavy duty "" Dura Grip Positraction.
  • Fits Ford 10.25" and 10.5"
  • Clutch style positraction
  • Internal gears are manufactured using forged 4320 steel and cut to provide stronger teeth
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Assembled in the USA
1 year warranty against Manufacturer defects

Technical Notes: "" recommends the use of high grade GL-5 gear oil and two bottles of "" LSD (Limited Slip Differential) additive for long life and smooth operation. Part number OILADD. The use of synthetic oil is allowed but may result in aggressive or noisy operation.

Compatible with Differentials: 

•  Ford 10.25"
•  Ford 10.5", '07 & older
•  Ford 10.5", '08-'10
•  Ford 10.5", '11 & up.

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