300 PSI Transmission Line Pressure Gauge (w/ warning) (2-1/16″) (Black)


Power Driven Diesel’s 300psi Transmission Line Pressure Gauge (Sensor included 1/8″ NPT threaded)
Gauge Features:

  • 0-300psi range
  • Fits into 2.062″ (52mm) dash hole (A thin composite carbon case design allows easy mounting in tight locations)
  • Settable warning LED (Set low and high conditions warning)
  • Front-Side Programming Button
  • 5 Year WARRANTY on gauge electronics!

Additional Features:

  • Internal microprocessor controls the pointer (needle) movement
  • Digital high torque stepper motor ensures accurate pointer movement in racing conditions
  • Solid Aluminum Bezel
  • Threaded case for Spin Lock Ring mounting
  • Gauge is NOT waterproof

Monitoring transmission line pressure is essential on built and/or modified transmissions.  Line pressure is the life blood of your transmission and keeping an eye on line pressure is the best way to monitor the health and fluid filter condition of your high $$$ transmission.  Don’t let low line pressure destroy your transmission, Power Driven’s 300 psi transmission line pressure gauge is a recommended upgrade for hard working tow trucks and essential for hot street and race trucks!


All of our gauges utilize the latest in surface mount technology and microprocessor-controlled stepper-gauge movement that isn’t fazed by temperature or vibration extremes. Each gauge is assembled in an extremely shallow instrument case, allowing easy-on-the-knuckles mounting in your instrument panel, and every gauge is rigorously tested before being sold, which allows us to confidently offer a lifetime guarantee on each gauge. Custom Gauges Available


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